The Laurice Khoury Foundation for Disabled Palestinian Students Inc. is a non profit organization registered under 501(c)(3). Established in honor of Laurice Taqtaq Khoury (1929-2022), it pays tribute to her legacy. Laurice is the late mother of Hani Q. Khoury, a mathematics professor at Mercer University in Macon, GA, USA.

Born in Jaffa, Palestine in 1929, Laurice was the daughter of Lutfi Taqtaq and Afifah Khoury. Before getting married, she spent a decade teaching multiple subjects at the elementary level in Talitha Kumi, a Lutheran School in Beit Jala, Palestine. Additionally, she taught at the Nablus Church School, CMS. Apart from being a dedicated teacher, Laurice was a devoted wife and mother to four children. Tragically, two of her children had severe, progressing physical disabilities.

Laurice’s life stands as a testament to Palestinian dedication and love. She represents countless Palestinian mothers whose sacrifices in the face of adversity deserve recognition and honor. These women, despite facing political oppression and injustice, have stories that deserve to be remembered and celebrated.

LKF proudly acknowledges all parents, particularly those raising children with special needs.