The Laurice Khoury Foundation for The Support of Disabled Palestinian Students (LKF) is a non profit organization and currently filing for 501(c)(3) status. Donations received while the application is pending with the IRS may be treated as tax-deductible contributions retroactive to the date of the organization’s formation.

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LKF values your support and the confidentiality of any sensitive information you provide to us. Credit card donations made online are processed using a secure server using industry standard encryption and for your security, LKF cannot access your credit card information.

We work with a variety of vendors who help us process data or otherwise facilitate the operation of the LKF website. For example, outside vendors may help us analyze traffic on our site, process credit card transactions, or facilitate activities such as the collection and delivery of petition signatures.

Our Use of Cookies

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Website Performance

Website performance cookies allow the LKF to improve the visitor experience by making the website easier to use. For example, they may enable us to:

Determine how often and where you see our “breaking news” alerts or promotions.

Save you time when filling out a form by populating it with information you provided in previous visits.


We use analytics tools that place cookies, in order to give us a better understanding of how people engage with our website. That in turn allows us to gauge the current performance of Website features, and to develop better content. Analytics cookies provide us with information like:

How many individual visitors we have

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How visitors interact with particular pages or content

How Certain Content Hosts May Place Cookies and Gather Information About You

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